• Always use white spaces instead of tab. When you make changes, make sure your changes do not trigger errors. To help ensure this does not happen, run git diff --check on your changes before you commit.
  • Always work in topic branches. Git work flow encourages you to create many topic branches, one for each issue/feature you are working on. Once feature/bug fix finished, you can submit patch. For example if you are working to fix issue 15 ( name the branch as iss15. Always create a ticket before you start working on a feature or bug fix.
git checkout master
git pull # update working copy
git branch iss15
git checkout iss15
  • Never work on the master branch, master branch tracks remote repository (, this is verified code, that can be released. So only properly tested code goes to master.

Git and Remine.


fixes #331

In commit message to auto Resolve issue 331.