1. Unzip the and upload all the files to your web server in BINARY Mode. By default FTP software will use ASCII mode, so you should set it to BINARY mode. If not you will get Fatal error: Unable to read xxxx bytes

2. Make sure your server have proper php settings as per

3. Change permission of following folders and files to 777. You can do this with your FTP client software or control panel provided by web host. If your web host run php in phpsuexe mod, you don't need to change permission.


To set chmod permissions of these folders in your FTP software ... right click with your mouse on the folder you wish to change

select "properties" at the very bottom of the box that will open.

Now enter 777 in the number box or check all squares

4. Create a MySQL database in your control panel. If you are using cpanel control panel, refer this tutorial for creating MySQL. If you use different control panel, ask your web host.

5. Run installer at


6. After installation, login to admin control panel at


User: admin
Pass: buyscripts

7. Delete "install" folder from server.

8. Change permission of folder "include" and file "include/config.php" to 644

9. If your server support perl scripts, you can enable Upload Progress bar, for more details, see Enable upload progress bar

10. You need to set cronjob for processing video in batch mode or importing video. For more details, see

setting cronjob on plesk server

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