Upgrade vShare 2.6 to 2.7

Backup Your Site

Before you start upgrading, take backup of your site including database and files.

Non English Sites

If you have site with non english language, you need to convert database to UTF-8 before you upgrade vshare. If you do not do this, there are chances of some charactor get changed.

We recommend "Approach 3" described at


If you don't know how to do this, contact

If you skip this step, site will work, but there can be chances of some characters displayed wrongly.

Remove Old Files

You can delete (or move to a temporary folder) all folders and files other than following


I suggest you to move the files and folders to a temporary folder, so you can refer them if needed. Most FTP software allow you to move files and folders.

Upload new files to server.

Download vshare2.7.zip from


Extract and delete include/config.php from extracted files.

Now upload everything to your server, make sure you don't overwrite include/config.php file in server.

Set permissions

Make following folders writable by web server.

chmod 777 cache
chmod 777 include/htmlpurifier/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer/HTML

Run upgrade script.

After you uploaded new files, you need to run upgrade.php to upgrade database.


After upgrade finished, delete the install folder.

Enable upload progress bar

By default progress bar is disabled, you need to enable as per instructions provided at Enable upload progress bar

Using JW Player

If you want to use JW Player with vshare, refer Using JW FLV Player with vShare

Enable upload progress bar
Upgrade Guide