New Features in vShare 2.8.1

  1. Smarty 3.0.7
  2. Sitemap
  3. Added my account page
  4. PEOPLE menu added
  5. User privacy settings
  6. Share video with facebook
  7. Video response like youtube
  8. Video playlist queue
  9. Unsubscribe admin emails
  10. Family filter
  11. View PHP Info from Admin area
  12. Added 404 Error Page, return 404 Error Code
  13. Age Minimum,Age Minimum Enforce(Signup Settings)
  14. Added drop down menu for user
  15. Show video duration on video thumb
  16. Check username availability on signup
  17. Youtube like embeded code
  18. Youtube video play with vshare player
  19. Create playlists
  20. Video Player Selection(Jw Player,Strobe Media Player) in admin area
  21. Mail page converted to ajax
  22. mp4 video convert to FLV
  23. Put new h264 format codec-ffmpeg
  24. HD Format support (video convert to mp4)
  25. Enable_flvtool change to flv_metadata
  26. Impliment zend mail
  27. Remove from import track table when deleting imported video
  28. New field 'package_allow_download' in 'packages' table
  29. Set maximum bitrate
  30. Select adult video on upload page
  31. Suspend user
  32. Added payments listing in Admin Area
  33. Upgraded TinyMCE